Chat in Lojban language

Lojban is a living language, and you can contact experts in Lojban in a chat.
A popular way of joing the Lojban chat is to use the free Telegram messenger.

  • Type "@lojbo" in the search inside Telegram messenger,
  • get a channel with the main links to Lojban channels.
  • Here are some of them:

 la lojban - "Lojban"

The main Lojban channel.

jduli la ckule - "School"

Channel where you ask questions about Lojban and get answers from fluent knowledgeable speakers.
Fun fact: this is the symbol of jelly called lo jduli in Lojban (pronounced as loh zhdooh-leeh), which rhymes with lo ckule, school (loh shkooh-leh)

slack Joining via Slack

Using this method you will be able to read the history of the chat for the last ~7 days or so. Note that joining via Telegram or Slack leads you to the same chat so you can use either of those two messengers.