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08/04/28(Mon)18:38 No.7
File: 1209404289555.jpg - (79 KB, 500x375)
Anonymous 08/04/28(Mon)18:38 No.7   [Reply] []

Street art is an excellent way to get a message out simply because of the massive number of people who view a given work, and if talented artists that also speak a little Lojban could get the permission to do legal street art it would definitely help Lojban reach a mass group of people and not the isolated status it has now.

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RE: tijlan
09/10/26(Mon)11:19 No.493 []

I agree on its effectiveness.

Some months ago on the beginners' mailing list people briefly discussed about promoting Lojban. I noted Totus' comment:

> I have volunteered twice [...] The only response I got was that we should not actively promote until the language was 'finished' - which I think means at least the cmavo definitions should be completed.
> In any case, promotion of lojban should be a 'strategic' objective owned by the LLG. I don't mind doing the work, but there need to be clear objectives set by the Board, reviewed for progress periodically etc.

If the community isn't prepared to provide good up-to-date basic resources such as a dictionary with articulate definitions of useful cmavo & lujvo, the promotion wouldn't be optimally effective as to present the language in its ready-to-use status. But also it seems true that we need more people to carry out the preparation itself. Lojbab said:

> There is no shortage of ideas on how to spread Lojban. There is a gross shortage of person-hours.
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