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The flag colours are ugly! la .lindar.
10/11/16(Tue)22:30 No.601
File: 1289946650042.png - (42 KB, 640x400)
The flag colours are ugly! la .lindar. 10/11/16(Tue)22:30 No.601   [Reply] []

Lots of people are saying that the flag colours are ugly. Personally, I like http://jbotcan.org/en/src/1283504008182.png these colours, but not everybody seems to agree entirely. So, ITT flag recolours and such!

For my first idea, I pictured merging the two flags to a reasonable mixture. The bridi-man serves also as the cartesian plane!


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Too complex Anonymous
10/11/22(Mon)12:21 No.603 []

It is a bit troubling that it is so complex - a good flag needs to be able to be drawn by a seven year old.
The same applies to the linked picture, which could be good enough if it doesn't need to be 3D.

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pro-sumti and pro-bridi cheatsheet remod
10/10/08(Fri)21:41 No.580
File: 1286574078318.pdf - (108 KB, 0x0)
pro-sumti and pro-bridi cheatsheet remod 10/10/08(Fri)21:41 No.580   [Reply] []

In line with other attempts of mine to find a way to memorize the key cmavo, I've produced a "periodic table of pro-sumti and pro-bridi" (see attachment).
I really would appreciate any feedback.

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RE: pro-sumti and pro-bridi cheatsheet Zif
10/10/11(Mon)23:55 No.581 []

Thanks, this is very helpful.

I just have a few corrections: "brodi" is on the table three times. And "tipical" should be "typical".

Here is my pitiful attempt in Lojban. I would appreciate any corrections or suggestions:

ki'e do'u ti mutce sidju

.i mi facki so'u selsrera: .i krefu li ci tu'a zo brodi .i zoi gy tipical gy na drani .i ku'i zoi gy typical gy drani

fe'o mi'e zif

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Something out of this world. najrut
10/10/13(Wed)14:29 No.582 []

Thanks !

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RE: RE: pro-sumti and pro-bridi cheatsheet zort
10/11/20(Sat)16:45 No.602 []

doi zif mi stidi lo pu nu do basti cusku lu
.i mi facki so'u selsrera .i va'i krefu tu'a zo brodi li ci .i ji'a zoi gy tipical gy na.e zoi gy typical gy drani

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betterthanlakmeermorna la .lindar.
10/05/29(Sat)09:28 No.570
File: 1275125332064.jpg - (353 KB, 1700x2338)
betterthanlakmeermorna la .lindar. 10/05/29(Sat)09:28 No.570   [Reply] []

This is what happens during the event of alcoholfool. Probably better than artwritingsystem, this is betterthanlakmeermorna. Take that, Lakmeer! Tequila made this, so perhaps I should try the same thing on rum, whiskey, or vodka... >_>

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la lindar prami kmir
10/06/03(Thu)13:00 No.571 []

Only you could get alcoholfool and create a writing system. Most people just break stuff or get vomit on the floor around the toilet. Well done.

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Zbalermorna Final Version .kmir.
10/04/10(Sat)05:31 No.560
Zbalermorna Final Version .kmir. 10/04/10(Sat)05:31 No.560   [Reply] []

coi rodo
Sorry for long period of inactivity. Recently I've been satisfied with the state of ZLM and have begun creating a document which completely explains all the details and features and how to use them. It also includes a style guide and justifications for some of the decisions made during the iterative process. The final version is about 4.4.

Should be back here with a 20-ish page PDF in about a week.

mi'e la kmir

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RE: Zbalermorna Final Version .nomen.
10/04/11(Sun)21:17 No.562 []

uisai .a'a .i'o .a'u

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RE: Zbalermorna Final Version Hussell
10/04/20(Tue)15:07 No.563 []

Maybe you should post something about your planned changes to the consonants? Comments about the vowels led to some changes. (Good ones, I think. See >>386)

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RE: Zbalermorna Final Version donri
10/05/21(Fri)23:28 No.565 []

ju'i kmir!

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te skina la .lindar.
10/05/09(Sun)07:14 No.564
te skina la .lindar. 10/05/09(Sun)07:14 No.564   [Reply] []

[23:08:21]<lindar>...I have an idea...
[23:15:37]Well, I wanted to do a silly kind of video thing. We could script out a basic conversation first. I would dial somebody on my mobile, then somebody else would pick up, and each time somebody had a line, it would cut to the other person.
[23:16:01]However, each time one person had a line, they would have to be in a different place.
[23:16:24]<Hugglesworth>hehe, sounds kinda fun
[23:16:39]<lindar>Not only that, but excepting the first shot (dialing/picking up) and the last shot (hanging up), every shot has to be done with a different object.
[23:17:28]First I dial, pickup, I'm speaking into a banana, you're talking into an apple, then I'm speaking into a light switch, then you could be walking around with a fish against the side of your head, etc.
[23:18:16]<Hugglesworth>sounds almost monty python esc.
[23:18:18]<lindar>Then I say, "Oh, hold on, I've got another call." and it does a close up of a notepad with a phone drawn on it, and I'll put a beep in when I press the "switch call" button.
[23:18:37]Then somebody else could join in.
[23:25:46]* Hugglesworth likes this idea
[23:27:21]<lindar>I would -love- to get lojbab in on this for one shot saying, "Sorry, wrong number." in English. I get another call, answer in Lojban, it switches to Lojbab looking confused, and he replies, "Uhhh... sorry, wrong number..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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attitudinal emoticons .ku'us.
09/10/03(Sat)08:26 No.435
File: 1254558407113.png - (110 KB, 523x593)
attitudinal emoticons .ku'us. 09/10/03(Sat)08:26 No.435   [Reply] []

you may have seen the linked image before, maybe in a US public school guidance counselor's office.

Anyhow, anyone ever done a series of 108 emoticons / depictions of the attitudinal cmavo before? See attached PNG (original is an inkscape SVG). Note that each spectrum has either identical eye/eyebrows over each face, or a clear, unique flow from one extreme to the other (.a'u)

Such a collection of images could be used for flashcards, or just to replace that guidance counselor's poster with something more logical!

obviously some concerns here are to attempt to maintain cultural neutrality, and perhaps work to be PC (i.e. physical traits should not be clearly of a specific race/gender/diet-preference)

mu'omi'e .ku'us.

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RE: attitudinal emoticons djeims
09/10/05(Mon)18:41 No.443 []

Luckily for you, I hardly know any of these cmavo, and thus am more capable of making you feel bad about your good work:
PU - Get rid of the fainter hands. I don't think it could be understood without knowing what that class of cmavo is about. (But I suppose that's true about most everything on this)
ca'o - is covered up by the line
ma'a - could use arrows pointing to all three people
pa'o - I can't tell if that is under or through. And looking up the word, I see that it's actually "transfixing". So maybe having it go through a solid circle would be better.

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RE: attitudinal emoticons rarnavon
09/10/05(Mon)22:40 No.444 []

>>442 I like it! Although some of it feels a little messy. Can you number / name the diagrams?

Also, think you can get PA4 in there?

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*bump* djeims
10/04/05(Mon)20:03 No.554 []

Quite useful, it is, doi remod.

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on handwriting lamelnyk
09/11/29(Sun)09:36 No.543
File: 1259487371254.png - (83 KB, 800x600)
on handwriting lamelnyk 09/11/29(Sun)09:36 No.543   [Reply] []

I've tried to find a handwriting system, that is suitable for "infinite" media(paper) and to small one(touchpads on mobile devices, etc). And, finally, made it. It is too simple, so i've, probably, rediscovered already known. Original "inplace" version can be "ported" to four-positional joystick, found on some old phones and to "infinite" paper (done). It is (almost) direction-insensitive, "recognizing" program can "synchronize" it's coordinates with yours at first stroke on every word.

In short (in-place version): letters "starts" and "ends" in the arbitrary chosen "centre" (near the point, where the "pen" first lands on writing surface), and are distinguished by the direction of pen's "horizontal" movement near the 2 points at "vertical" extremes. We recognize 5 variants at each (--, -+, 0, +-, ++). That gives us 25 distinct letters. Not enough for natlangs, but almost perfect for lojban. Also, 2 "special" features (horizontal strokes in 2 directions) are available somewhere. I've used them for "'" and "y". Natlangs can use it to extend the letter space to at least 36. Another extension is possible by adding "microletters" at the bottom/top parts of some full-size letters. I've wanted to use it for lojban's diphthong, but that complicates the writing program, so that is postponed.

The system is easily adopted to infinite paper, by adding "time" to the "horizontal" axis on the "lower->upper" part of trajectory. Each letter, then, can be described as 2 points with cubic spline lines between them and to/from first/last points of adjacent letters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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RE: on handwriting Hussell
09/12/08(Tue)17:48 No.546 []

"mi na e skami ciska to zo'e la syvygys" is incomprehensible. Decoding the example gives "mi na e lo selsampla ciska dei zo'e la syvygys", which would make a sensible sentence if "cu" were inserted between "selsampla" and "ciska". Rough translation: "A computer program, not I, wrote this using SVG".

How about the standard Lojban pangram: "o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi"?

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RE: on handwriting Anonymous
09/12/08(Tue)18:52 No.547 []


I love that point.

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mu xagji sofybakni lamelnyk
09/12/09(Wed)21:15 No.550 []
File: 1260393335480.png - (34 KB, 561x211)

Sorry, i've made a lot of typos. To my excuse, i was too busy cleaning up python's :).
That time i've shifted the x-coordinates of asymmetrical "features", to make them a bit more visible. And copy-pasted your phrase, so it should be correct now :)

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streiteng Anonymous
09/12/08(Tue)22:49 No.548
File: 1260312584017.png - (19 KB, 702x428)
streiteng Anonymous 09/12/08(Tue)22:49 No.548   [Reply] []

Here's my orthography. Read and weep. The text says "streiteng iz a kriptik orthografee".

p b m

s c j z

t d

f th v th (voiced)

h x g k gk

r(d) r rr (rolled r) l n

o a u u(d) i i(d) e y

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Streiteng? la .lindar.
09/12/09(Wed)18:48 No.549 []

It looks interesting, but did you at any point bother to try to write it with a pencil or pen on an actual piece of paper? It looks unwritable.

Also, how can this be used for Lojban?
Is there anything featural about it?

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(more larlermorna!) la .lindar.
09/11/05(Thu)08:47 No.514
File: 1257410843037.jpg - (362 KB, 1200x1600)
(more larlermorna!) la .lindar. 09/11/05(Thu)08:47 No.514   [Reply] []

Here we have featured the diacritics featured in this script. The lovely thing about these is that they can be stuck -inside- the character if you desire, because they're just portions of boxes. I personally choose to write them as a superior (?) diacritic, as demonstrated in my examples.

Again, I apologise for the blurry pictures, but you can still see what I wrote fairly well.

So we have individual characters for each of the diphthongs, and then an underline to indicate initial U and an overline to indicate initial I. Easy enough, right?

Hugglesworth had an alternate idea, which I tested and found to be rather interesting, but there are still some failings. However, I really like the idea, almost more than my original idea for diacritics. I'll cover that next.

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RE: (more larlermorna!) Hugglesworth
09/11/17(Tue)18:33 No.539 []

Woa shit pafcribe, good catch. I'm not sure how that made it in there. I'm still not sure I like this arrangement. I might play with some flips latter on to get a better organization as the proper 'ei' drawing looks too similar too a 'n' for my liking. I've also been looking at replacing the dot in the third cycle with a crossing line for readability; like what you see on a Latin 't'.

Also lindar, I'm slowely adopting this for use in a hangul-like script as well as latin-like and cursive scripts. At the end of it all, my ideas might mutate to look pretty different from larlermorna.

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RE: (more larlermorna!) la .lindar.
09/11/18(Wed)03:31 No.540 []

Overlining is initial I (.ia .ia .ii .io .iu) and underlining is initial U (.ua .ue .ui .uo .uu).

Watch the videos for a comprehensive guide.

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RE: (more larlermorna!) la .lindar.
09/11/18(Wed)04:37 No.542 []


Well, I guess I've already seen the Latin-like version of your script (left-to-right non-diacritic, right?). I can imagine what the hangul-like will be (kanji-esque gismu, etc.), but the idea of how the cursive script looks completely eludes me. It's very interesting!

I guess you have to credit me for inspiration. =P

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la jboselkei Hussell
09/11/15(Sun)15:33 No.522
la jboselkei Hussell 09/11/15(Sun)15:33 No.522   [Reply] []

I recently discovered la jboselkei (http://chain.lojban.org/jsk/), and it's... really very nice. (For those who haven't already seen it, it's a site for posting non-Lojban texts, Lojban translations of those texts, and reviews of the translations, with a wonderfully complicated rating system. You don't have to give your email address or location to register, despite being requested.)

Does anyone here know who created and/or maintains la jboselkei? I want to ask if a page showing recent activity, e.g., new posts, translations, and reviews, could be added, since it's currently quite difficult to tell whether anything is happening. It would also be better if unregistered (or logged-out) users could read the translations and reviews.

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RE: la jboselkei Hussell
09/11/16(Mon)14:54 No.526 []


Alright, I guess I'd like to have a look at the code. I take it you're the person to ask?


Well, they're talking about data involving hundreds of millions of words. I think it'll be a long time before Lojban will have that much text available.

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RE: la jboselkei Anonymous
09/11/16(Mon)21:51 No.529 []

>>526 You are right, and I do know that. But wishful thinking. :) Plus I am kind of skeptical if that method can produce grammatical lojban at all.

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RE: la jboselkei la timos
09/11/17(Tue)12:52 No.531 []

>>526 no, i am not. ask rlp, he can give you access.

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le larlermorna, the Lojbanic writing system based on CC Elian's "Elian Script". la .lindar.
09/11/05(Thu)08:39 No.513
File: 1257410379168.jpg - (300 KB, 1200x1600)
le larlermorna, the Lojbanic writing system based on CC Elian's "Elian Script". la .lindar. 09/11/05(Thu)08:39 No.513   [Reply] []

Well, here I shall post my (extremely blurry) pictures regarding larlermorna. First I shall post a basic explanation. These activities are authorised by CC Elian, who requests that I demo anything to him and mention him as the original inventor.

Refer to the image for a basic explanation of how this works. <3

First we look at the basics. This should be self-explanatory. Hash grid, write the box, etc. Voiced versions get a long leg like in Elian Script's 'second cycle' letters.


(I apologise for my blurry pictures.)

Yes, Y is a consonant under my writing system. Seeing as Y is always -always- -ALWAYS- used to separate rafsi (shut up, I know not -always- but let's just assume for a second to make life easy), I made it a consonant to give a visual representation and queue that they are two rafsi stuck together. As soon as you see it, you think, "Oh! Something is weird with this word!" and you pay closer attention.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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larlermorna pictograph/calligraph la .lindar.
09/11/05(Thu)14:06 No.518 []
File: 1257429997924.jpg - (339 KB, 1600x1200)

Well, the rest of the thread continues http://jbotcan.org/ideas/res/514.html here cos I'm stupid.

Anyway, as requested, here is a (somewhat poor) example of calligraphic/pictographic use of larlermorna while keeping the diacritics in use. Somebody with more talent (and a better pen) should post another example following this idea.

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larlermorna pictograph/calligraph la .lindar.
09/11/05(Thu)14:09 No.519 []
File: 1257430142792.jpg - (69 KB, 1280x1024)

Ugh. >_< Sorry, you need to flip that 90* to view it correctly.

Here's a picture of me looking as dumb as I am.
(Taken in my MIDI Theory class.)

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A skina about larlermorna. la .lindar.
09/11/15(Sun)16:34 No.523 []


Enjoy! Second half is coming up some time today.

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lojban typography remod
09/10/22(Thu)10:01 No.481
lojban typography remod 09/10/22(Thu)10:01 No.481   [Reply] []

I typeset and printed "lo nu binxo", translated by xorxes, for reading it when I'm away from a computer.

I've not found any suggestion for typesetting lojban so I thought we could put together something.

For example:
- {ni'o} always starts a new paragraph
- {.i} never appears at the end of a line by itself
- {.i} is surrounded by x% more space
- the dot of {.i} is enlarged by x% or rendered in bold
- Capter, Sections, subsections etc are numbered using more than one {pi} : "1.2.5 ..." {ni'o papirepimu ...}
- footnotes should be ....???
- bullet lists ???
- if not omitted, {fa'e} must be typeset on a separated line
- ...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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RE: lojban typography lazni
09/10/31(Sat)05:08 No.500 []


The second link is my machine on a ddns domain, so it is only accurate when I'm online.

I have changed the section counter to "mo'oxire"

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RE: lojban typography Hussell
09/10/31(Sat)23:20 No.501 []


Seems a bit over-engineered to me. I might do "1mo'oxi1 1mo'oxi2 2mo'oxi2" or "1mo'o 1pi'e1mo'o 1pi'e2mo'o", but not both.

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RE: lojban typography tijlan
09/11/03(Tue)15:47 No.503 []


>← (zu'a, perhaps?)

I would say "di'u".

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Lojbanic 'folk' music. la .lindar.
09/11/01(Sun)07:57 No.502
Lojbanic 'folk' music. la .lindar. 09/11/01(Sun)07:57 No.502   [Reply] []


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doubleplusunbad attitudinals djeims
09/10/28(Wed)08:01 No.495
doubleplusunbad attitudinals djeims 09/10/28(Wed)08:01 No.495   [Reply] []

I'm sure you've all been kept up late at nights worrying about the following situation:

Abus: "xu do prami mi"
Bybus: ".iu-"
Abus: "uisaicai"
Bybus: ".nai"
Abus: "oisaicai"

So, rather than waiting for you to close your elidable terminators, parenthesis, zoi quotes, lu quotes, le'u quotes, and mouth (not to forget mention of si, sa, and su), I propose an informal guideline for spoken attitudinals:

Positive (default): Rising intonation
Negative: Falling intonation
Neutral: Wavering/dipping intonation
Hasn't heard of this, doesn't agree, can't be bothered : No intonation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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08/04/28(Mon)18:38 No.7
File: 1209404289555.jpg - (79 KB, 500x375)
Anonymous 08/04/28(Mon)18:38 No.7   [Reply] []

Street art is an excellent way to get a message out simply because of the massive number of people who view a given work, and if talented artists that also speak a little Lojban could get the permission to do legal street art it would definitely help Lojban reach a mass group of people and not the isolated status it has now.

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RE: tijlan
09/10/26(Mon)11:19 No.493 []

I agree on its effectiveness.

Some months ago on the beginners' mailing list people briefly discussed about promoting Lojban. I noted Totus' comment:

> I have volunteered twice [...] The only response I got was that we should not actively promote until the language was 'finished' - which I think means at least the cmavo definitions should be completed.
> In any case, promotion of lojban should be a 'strategic' objective owned by the LLG. I don't mind doing the work, but there need to be clear objectives set by the Board, reviewed for progress periodically etc.

If the community isn't prepared to provide good up-to-date basic resources such as a dictionary with articulate definitions of useful cmavo & lujvo, the promotion wouldn't be optimally effective as to present the language in its ready-to-use status. But also it seems true that we need more people to carry out the preparation itself. Lojbab said:

> There is no shortage of ideas on how to spread Lojban. There is a gross shortage of person-hours.
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